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Olympic Sport-Club Berlin – the biggest sport club in Tempelhof-Schöneberg!

The variety of the sport disciplines we offer is our advantage. We organize a very large range of sport activities for approximately 3000 members in 15 divisons of our club, in the course program “fit for leisure”, in kindergartens and schools.
If you are looking for fitness sports, sports that take care of your health, performance-oriented sports or fun sports in our club, we kindly support you finding  what’s appropriate for you. You can contact our main office and the responsible directors of the sports divisions. Additionally you can get lots of information on these web pages.
Since 1890 the OSC is a solid matter of the sporty live in Berlin and – as we may proudly say – it contributes to the quality of life of our beautiful city.
We promote talents to become masters and therefore many of our athletes represented the name of the club nationally and internationally. Their record success has nothing to hide: 7 Olympic medals, 36 medals in world and European championships as well as world games and we won over 275 German championships. Just come and see the potential of our club yourself. Sport activities are good for your health nevertheless they are fun and you will meet other people with the same interests. We welcome you in all our sports divisions and who knows, perhaps you will find friendships for the rest of your life!